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Warrior Adventure Quest

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Warrior Adventure Quest (WAQ) is an Army RESET training tool designed to introduce Soldiers to activities that serve as alternatives to aberrant behaviors often associated with accidents involving recently re-deployed Soldiers. This tool presents coping outlets to help Soldiers realize their own new level of normal after deployment and “move on” with their lives. WAQ combines existing MWR Outdoor Recreation high adventure activities with a leader-led after action debriefing tool developed by Army Medical Department center and school. WAQ is free to units; funding has been provided by the Department of the Army.

WAQ eligibility includes all units located on post, active duty soldiers only. Units may participate post-deployment or once a year for non-deployable units. Program is NOT open for family members or civilians.

Activities Offered
Activity Location Min/Max Attendees
Archery Tag Campbell King Horse Bowl 25
Archery Tag is a unique sports that combines elements of dodgeball or other combat‐type games with the timeless skills of archery. Players will take aim at each other with non‐lethal arrows to score points or eliminate opposing team members. Players will be divided into two equal teams with the goal to eliminate the opposing team’s players.
Trap Shooting

Recreational Shooting Complex


All equipment (ear & eye pro, clay pigeons, ammunition and 12 or 20 gauge shotguns) will be provided, by the MWR Recreational Shooting Complex, for an instructional and competitive morning of trap shooting. Participants will be divided into groups of five and compete against other Soldiers in their unit. Participants are welcome to use their own equipment, with the understanding that it is subject to inspection by Recreational Shooting Complex staff. Individuals must also follow all post policies and regulations, including registering his/her firearm on Fort Benning with the Provost Marshal’s office. All skill levels are welcome to participate--instruction will be given on gun safety and trap shooting strategy prior to activity starting. Lunch is provided. Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance with specific dietary concerns.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Express, Columbus, GA

Take a guided trip down the whitewater portion of the Chattahoochee River in rafts. At the end of the trip, the guides will show how to “surf” the rapids. Then take another guided trip down the rapids in a combination of rafts, single person funyaks, and two person funyaks allowing those more adventurous to take the next step into a smaller craft. At the rivers end, “surf” the rapids again. In the calm water at the end of the trip, participants will have the opportunity to try kayaks and paddleboards; giving participants a taste of another new sport. Enjoy lunch on the banks while watching your comrades try out the new equipment on the calm waters. Lunch will be provided.


Historic Banning Mills, Whitesburg, GA

The Extreme Canopy Tour lasts approximately 4-5 hours. The majority of the time is spent up in the trees. This tour is a combination of almost five miles of sky bridges, tree platforms, zip lines, three high towers, and other extreme elements. You will travel through trees on zip lines up to ½ mile long and up to 65 mph. Traverse a series of cable and wood bridges to move from zip line to zip line. Heights vary from 60 – 300ft in the air. All skill levels are welcome--instruction will be given on safety procedures. Women must weigh between 100 - 250lbs and men must weigh between 100 – 275 lbs. This activity is not recommended for those with back, heart or respiratory problems, or those with recent surgeries. Lunch will be catered by Banning Mills, the menu varies.

*Availability of some activities may vary due to COVID restrictions.*

All WAQ activities will take place weekdays during regular duty hours and include lunch. Each activity will be followed by a Leader-Led After Action Debriefing designed to help Soldiers recognize similarities between the high adventure activity and their warrior experiences. This portion will be conducted by a unit leader/facilitator who will be trained beforehand by a WAQ representative. For more information, call +1 (706) 366-3338, +1 (762) 822-4592 or email

Schedule Your Event
5 Stages of WAQ programming (required)

Stage 1

Schedule your Warrior Adventure Quest (WAQ) program!

Stage 2

Leader Training. In this training, leaders will learn how to facilitate a Leader-Led After Action Debrief (L-LAAD) held after the end of each program. Throughout the training, leaders will also be familiarized with the importance and goals of the WAQ program. Training is held by appointment only at the Outdoor Recreation (Building 1707).

Stage 3

Soldier Brief. Trained L-LAAD leaders describe the WAQ program to their soldiers, explaining the scheduled program and goals of the WAQ. The details for the WAQ program will be described to all participating soldiers.

Stage 4 

This is your high adventure program.

Stage 5

The L-LAAD is held immediately after the activity and is facilitated by L-LAAD trained leaders. This is a basic debrief of the day's high adventure program.