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MWR Bingo

MWR Bingo is open to all military personnel, retirees, family members, sponsored guests and DoD civilians 18 years and older. All patrons entering the bingo hall MUST have the intent to participate in bingo and purchase at minimum, a regular admission pack, to enter the bingo hall. Regular Admission Packs start at $11 during regular sessions. First time players receive one free admission pack along with their purchase. Free admission packs can be played on paper or E-packs. *Free E-packs must have purchase of an electronic package.

Register and Floor Sales accepts cash and credit cards!

Outside food and beverages are welcomed during business hours, however complimentary beverages are provided! Alcohol is not allowed.

Wanna play? Wanna win? You got to spend to win! Play traditional bingo at the MWR Bingo Hall and try your luck at winning up to $1,000 cash. DAILY!

Spend more, win more! Try our electronic 24# games on the Champ-E tablets and Quickshot paper games playing daily at the Mall Bowling Center and the Bowling & Entertainment Center. B-I-N-G-O and win cash at our 3 MWR Locations! Check each facility for hours of operations.

Beginners Bingo

Technically, Bingo is a fun and easy game, 5 in row and Bingo. But, if you ever visited the MWR Bingo Hall, you know that’s not true. Bingo is fun, it’s an experience, but to compete against professional players and really win the big payouts like $7,500 or even $10,000, you need to know how to play it fast, know the lingo, all the different games and options.

Beginners Bingo first session happens on Tuesday, April 2 – doors open at 4 p.m., Bingo session starts at 5 p.m.!

Every 1st Tuesday we will open our doors at 4 p.m., Bingo session starts at 5 p.m. Can’t make the evening time? No problem, we listened to what you told us and offering a noon time to learn Bingo as well.

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, we open our doors at 11 a.m. and Bingo session starts at 12 p.m./noon.

We offer new Beginners Bingo session on days where professional players don’t play to introduce and explain Bingo. Bingo is an experience but it’s not easy.

This new Beginners Bingo session will be personalized to new players in a comfortable setting; during these sessions, players are allowed to ask questions, receive help from staff, learn ‘Bingo Lingo’, difference between paper and electronic Bingo and how to navigate through the difficulties of all the different Bingo games.

New Players will fill out an enrollment form when attending Beginners Bingo for the first time.

Beginners Bingo player will buy-in/pay $25 admission fee which includes the following Bingo games (one of each):

  • Regular Bingo Admission pack
  • Warm-Up Pack
  • Quickie Pack
  • Dauber

Payouts range from $10 up to $800!

Beginners Bingo player will receive incentive card, similar to a stamp card, with several incentive levels:

  • Incentive Level 1:  Must visit 5 Beginners Bingo sessions/days (does not have to be consecutively/back-to-back) and player will receive $25 towards next Bingo visit. (Incentive can be used during any other regular Bingo session day.)
  • Incentive Level 2:  Beginners Bingo player visits 10 days (does not have to be consecutively/back-to-back) and player will receive a flag coupon ($54 value) redeemable on 11th visit. (Incentive can be used during any other regular Bingo session day.)
  • Incentive Level 3:  Beginners Bingo player visits 15 days (does not have to be consecutively/back-to-back) and player will receive a loaded coupon ($136 value) redeemable on the next visit. (Incentive can be used during any other regular Bingo session day.)

All players must be 18 years or older to participate in Beginners Bingo and must present a valid military or Department of Defense (DoD) ID. (All rules apply. Scroll down to find more information on the rules.)

Get in the game, become a professional and win big!


Lightning Session

Wednesday - Friday: 4 p.m., Saturday & Sunday 12 p.m.

Lightning Bingo session is available on electronics ONLY!

Players must purchase credits from the register with their initial purchase to play or buy-in to each game at 50 cents per card. Additional credits may be purchased from the Kiosk via cash only.

All games last about 60 seconds. Players do not have to yell bingo. All payouts for each game, will be sent to player’s account automatically.  Payout is based on players buy-in Games will continue for a total hour duration. Game 10, winner takes all! 

(Must play at least 6 games prior to last game to participate in winner takes all.)

Ongoing Promotions

Sponsor Appreciation

*Only valid for I.D. Cardholders (active duty, retired, or DOD civilian employees) who sponsor guests*

Sponsors and guest must be present at the time of purchase. Sponsors must sign their guests in each time they visit. Sponsors can sponsor up to 5 guests per session. Sponsors must remain with guest throughout the duration of the session.

Sponsors receive ONE free pack for signing in guests.

During the daily draw at intermission, if any guest of a sponsor is the daily draw winner, guest receives $25, and the sponsor will receive $50. If the sponsor is the daily draw winner, sponsor will receive $100. Verification will be determined based on the guest sign-in register.

*Incentives double during Super Bingo Sessions!

Warmup Wednesdays

Buy 2, get 1 Free (3 packs for $6)! $75 payouts on Wednesdays only.
Regular price: $3 / Warmup Pack

Thursdays: BOGO Free Regular Admission Pack  

Buy-in at regular price on paper ($11) or electronic package ($30) and receive one free! Every Thursday! Free admission packs can be played on paper or E-packs. *Free E-packs must have purchase of an electronic package.

Fridays: ½ Off Electronic Packages Only  

Join us EVERY Friday for ½ Off Electronic Packages. All paper games are regular price. Fridays are great for beginner bingo players! Electronic tablets do everything for you! All you have to do is tap the balls as they are called and be sure to yell BINGO! It’s just that simple!

Spin the Wheel Saturdays: 1st and 3rd Saturdays Only

Purchase the Spin the Wheel game on paper or in your electronic package for $2. You receive a sheet of 3 cards. To bingo for a chance to spin the wheel to win $300- $500, you must daub the pattern of the Letter X. Multiple winners will be split.

Double Up Sundays: 1st and 3rd Sunday Only

Randomly selected admission pack game will payout $700!


Is it your birthday? Well to wish you a happy bingo birthday, receive a free regular admission pack the day of, before or after your birthday! Free admission packs can be played on paper or E-packs. *Free E-packs must have purchase of an electronic package.

Current & Upcoming Monthly Promotions

December 2023

December 30: Super Bingo with BBQ lunch, adult beverages for purchase and guaranteed super jackpot of $10,000!

December 31: New Year’s Eve session with 50% off electronic packages. Jackpot packs available for purchase for $15 (Jackpot packs include one of each game Super Jackpot, Star Jackpot, Layer Cake, G-Ball, and Lucky 7. Jackpot packs can be purchased electronically and on paper. Card limits do apply for electronic jackpot packs.)

January 2024

50% off Electronics Every Weekend in January
Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in January, take 50% off all electronic bingo packages.  

REMINDER! Super Bingo will not take place in January 2024.

 February 2024

February 14: Valentine Special
Bring your sweetheart – the person that has your heart and purchase an E-pack #7 and get one free! (E-pack #7 value $136 – don’t miss out on this deal!)

March 2024

March 1-31: March Madness
Take 50% off all electronic bingo packages throughout the month of March! 

MWR Bingo Rules

1.    Players must be 18 years or older to participate in bingo. All players must present a valid military or Department of Defense (DoD) ID, along with a Players Club card prior to purchase. Non-military/DoD ID cardholders must be sponsored by a valid ID. Sponsors may sponsor up to 5 guests per session. A Players Club card is required at the time of purchase. Lost, stolen, or forgotten cards will be replaced for $5. No exceptions.

2.    All patrons, to include bona fide guests, must purchase at a minimum, an admission pack to enter the facility during Regular sessions and Super Bingo sessions. No sharing of packs or sheets is allowed. Eligibility requirements must be met by patrons entering the Bingo Hall. Management may ask patrons to leave, if eligibility has not been fulfilled (IMCOM REG 215-3). All players must retain their purchase receipt for the purpose of verification and collection of winnings.

3.    Players must use their own Players Club card and receipts must be signed with the player’s name and Players Club account number attached to the transaction as proof of purchase. Points must be redeemed on the first transaction only. The maximum points redeemed per initial transaction is 1,000 points.

4.    Verification of a player’s transaction and games must be done prior to the closeout of the transaction and before leaving the register. Please be sure to review your receipt before you leave. Missing cards or games will not be replaced once a player has left the register. All cards purchased must be played on the same day purchased. Cards not played will not be refunded or allowed to be played on a future date. No exceptions.

5.    Cash, debit, and credit cards are acceptable forms of payment. If warranted, payments can be accepted over the phone. Personal checks are not accepted. Players must sign credit/debit card receipts as proof of purchase. 

6.    Prizes will be divided equally between multiple winners. Any winnings over $1,199 will be awarded in the form of a check or direct deposit. Players must complete a check request form, submit a W-9 form, and a valid ID.

7.    Purchase of electronic machines are limited to two per person; except for special programs, the limit is one per person. To purchase jackpots, special games or to receive a free pack on the electronic machine, a regular admission pack is required. Purchase of electronic machines will be issued by MWR Bingo staff only. Games purchased on electronic machines must be played by the customer who purchased the machine. If a customer decides to leave, electronic machines must be returned, and no refund will be given for un-played games.

Paper cards or electronic machines will not be exchanged after purchase unless cards or machines are defective. If defective, please see a member of Management. Electronic machines must remain in the building. Players must play their games inside the Bingo Hall and may not take the electronic machines outside for any reason. Failure to comply will result in dismissal and no refund will be given.

8.    Electronic machines must be touched for the numbers to dab. Players must keep the volume on electronic machines at a minimum, to not distract other players. Players can only purchase a maximum of $100 in credits per transaction. Once credits have been used, credits may be re-loaded but cannot exceed $200 at a time. Credit cashouts will be given at the end of session. No exceptions.

9.    Once session has begun, it is the player’s responsibility to call “BINGO” loud enough for the caller to hear and raise his/her hand. Players that choose not to play on the main floor are responsible for moving to the main floor and calling their “BINGO” loud enough for the caller to hear. Players must bingo on the last number called for the bingo to be valid. Once “BINGO” is called, the game will be stopped so that the caller can verify. Once the caller announces, “Game is Closed,” no other winners will be accepted. If the caller makes a mistake during session, the caller will make an announcement to all players and proceed with correcting the mistake thereafter. Caller has the “final” call on valid/non-valid bingo’s; given Management’s advisement.

10. Sleepers or missed bingo’s will not be honored at any point during bingo sessions or on any games except Early Birds and Warmups.

11. Changes to U-Pick-Em cards and damaged cards must be brought to the table for approval by the payout or a member of Management.

12. Players are allowed to redeem Flag or Loaded coupons the next day or within 7 days of the date given. After 7 days, the coupon will not be accepted. Coupons won on the Friday before Super Bingo, are the only coupons that will be authorized for redemption on Super Bingo. No other redemptions are valid. If redeeming Flag or Loaded Coupons, purchase of a Regular Admission Pack is required to complete a purchase. No exceptions.

13. Profane or abusive language towards employees or other players, any form of harassment, or disorderly conduct is not tolerated. Failure to comply can result in dismissal from session and facility grounds at Management’s discretion. No refund will be given.

14. Cell phones must be silenced or on vibrate to prevent disturbing other players. If a call must be answered, players must excuse themselves from session to complete the call. Management and staff reserve the right to ask players to cease phone call use at any time.

15. Seating during bingo sessions is on a first come, first served basis. Reserving seats is not allowed. Exceptions apply to the handicap only being assisted by other individuals. The handicap is allowed one person to assist to dab their cards.

16. Smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco are prohibited in the facility or within 50 feet of the building. Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area. No alcohol consumption is allowed on facility premises.

17. All issues and concerns before, during and after bingo sessions must be brought to the attention of management. Management will work diligently and fairly to resolve.  In the event of power or equipment failure or an act of nature beyond control, bingo will be canceled at Management’s discretion.

18. The Director of Family and MWR, BRD Division Chief, Business Operations Branch Chief, Bingo Management, or Bingo employees, their family members/relatives are not allowed to participate in the bingo program or accept prizes.

Regular Bingo Sessions

Guests must be 18 years or older to play. A Regular Admission Pack for $11 must be purchased in order to play. All guests must have a Players Club Card in order to play. First time? Don’t worry. After initial purchase, a Players Club Card will be issued to you at no additional cost. Cards lost or forgotten will have a $5 cost associated with your purchase to replace it. First-time players will receive a free Regular Admission Pack with initial purchase.

Electronic Bingo
Not into the playing with the traditional paper cards? Well, try your luck at our Electronic Machines! We have a wide range of Electronic Machine packs to choose from, ranging from $30 to $136.

You can even purchase credits to add to any electronic package. What is that? Credits are a dollar value that you can use to purchase to buy-into session games or to try your luck at our 24# electronic quickshot games.  Credits can be purchased at the register with cash or credit cards.

Don’t want to wait in line? Purchase credits using cash at our Kiosk with ease! Just enter your existing electronic account number and then your cash and you’re all set! Limits due apply! See rules for more information.

Regular Session Pricing & Programs + Friday Session Pricing

moore_Bingo FY23 Prices-Regular.jpg

Moore_Bingo Program_2024 Update_Page_1.jpg

Moore_Bingo Program_2024 Update_Page_2.jpg

moore_Bingo FY23 Prices-Friday.jpg

Super Bingo Sessions

Join us on the first Saturday of every month to play in the largest bingo of the month! See Super Bingo dates below! Buy in to the Super Jackpot game for $10 for a chance to when a guaranteed $7,500!  

Doors open at 11 a.m., Lightning Session begins at 11:30 a.m. and the Super Bingo Session begins at 1 pm. A minimum purchase of a Regular Admission Pack at $22, during Super Bingo, is required in order to play. A free Quickie Coverall game pack is also included with each initial buy-in. Quickie coverall games payout $25. Additional cards for all special games and guaranteed payout jackpots can be purchased on the floor via cash and credit cards.

All players will also receive a free ticket to enjoy a FREE MEAL on US starting at 12 p.m.! Outside food and beverages are welcome, however complimentary beverages are provided. No alcohol allowed.

Super Bingo Dates


  • December 30


  • January – NO Super Bingo
  • February 3
  • March 2
  • April 6
  • May 4
  • June 1
  • July 6
  • August 3
  • September 7
  • October 5
  • November 2
  • December – TBA!
Electronic Super Bingo

Not into the traditional paper cards? Try your luck at our electronic machines! We have a wide range of electronic packages to choose from, ranging from $66 to $312. Choose between Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages with Super Savings! Check out package contents and deals below:

moore_Super Bingo Electonic NEW Prices.jpg

Super Bingo Pricing & Programs

Moore_Super Bingo Price List_2024.jpg

Moore_Super Bingo Program_2024_Page_1.jpg

Moore_Super Bingo Program_2024_Page_2.jpg