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Recycle Program


The Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) recycles many common items such as scrap metal, paper, cardboard and plastic.  Our mission is to reduce the impact that our on-post community has on the environment through recycling material that would otherwise end up in a landfill.  With your help, we can have a positive impact on our community.

For bulk trash pick-up information, visit Villages at Fort Moore website or their Facebook page.

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How to Recycle

Recyclable items can be dropped at one of our convenient locations.  We have a primary collection point behind the MWR carwash at the Commissary with multiple blue dumpsters for your convenience.  Boxes must be broken down to conserve space.  We also receive this material at our Material Recovery Facility (MRF) on Jamestown Road at BLDG M0298.  You can also use our recycling collection trailers around the installation.  The location of these trailers can be found below and are used for general collection of material. 

Why Recycle

One of the best things about our program is the fact that we sell recyclable material and maintain that money right here on Fort Moore.  The funds are used for projects such as the bike & walking paths, currently being expanded, as well as distributions to MWR for programs that help our soldiers and their families right here.  In FY22, The QRP was able to fund $2.1 million to the Fort Moore MWR and $1 million to various projects on the installation.

What We Do and How We Do It

Single Stream - We use a single stream recycling process to collect SOME material around the installation.  This type of process is designed to collect paper, cardboard, aluminum and tin cans as well as plastic bottles (liquid holding bottles such as milk, laundry detergent and drinks). 

Scrap Metal – We recycle scrap metal from various buildings on the installation and also will receive this type of material at our MRF on Jamestown Road.

Cardboard – Our program receives large quantities of cardboard from significant generating activities around the installation.  We bale this cardboard and sell it onsite at our MRF.

Brass – One of the largest contributors to our QRP is expended brass from Fort Moore's ranges.  Each time you hear the sound of Soldiers training to defend our freedom, just know that they pick up the brass casings when they get done shooting on the range and we turn them back into dollars for Fort Moore.

Dangers of Contaminates

Unacceptable items like animal carcasses, needles/sharps, ammunition, large plastics, metal (other than food and drink cans), food and liquid waste, diapers, urine samples, and hazardous materials like lithium batteries, gasoline, and oil regularly contaminate loads of quality recyclables, resulting in it being rejected and redirected to be disposed of as trash.  Tanglers, such as plastic bags, textiles, rope, hoses, wires, and cords will interfere with sorting equipment and can also result in an entire load being sent to the landfill.

Many of these contaminates can injure our team members, who are connected to the military community as a Family member, veteran and/or spouse.

What is Accepted and Not Accepted

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Accepted Not Accepted

Office Paper

Brown Bags

Aluminium Cans



Colored Paper

Junk Mail

Steel Cans


Shredded Paper

Manila Folders

Plastic (1-7 Containers)


Phone books


Chip Bags

Food Items

Garden Hoses

Hygiene Products


Candy Wrappers

Cigarette Butts




Paper Towels

Snack Wrappers




Used Toner

Plastic Bags/Film


Map Locations

Click on each to see locations of the recycle areas


1.  What can I recycle?  The QRP accepts many types of paper, metal and plastic containers (liquid holding types like milk jugs, laundry detergent…) for recycling.  The list of what we accept and don't accept can be found above.

2.  Where can I take my recyclable material?  The QRP accepts material for drop off at our regional site behind the MWR Carwash next to the Commissary (open 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. daily) or at our primary Material Recovery Facility located at BLDG M0298 on Jamestown Road (open 8 - 11:30 a.m. & 1 - 3:30 p.m. Mon - Fri).  There are recycling trailers available for drop off of material 24/7 located at McGraw Village, Custer Road PX, and near MWR Bingo on Main Post.   We also have collection receptacles for paper in several facilities around the installation.

3.  Will someone come pick up my material?  The QRP is unable to do collection of the material outside of the already established containers mentioned in FAQ 2.  If you work in a building that currently generates a significant amount of paper waste and do not have containers, please contact our office for a site visit and assessment to see if we are able to provide your building service in this regard.

4.  Who do I call with questions?  Please forward any questions to our primary phone number +1 (706) 544-9870.  

5.  Why do we or don't we recycle "X" on this installation?  This question is a great one to hear because it comes from a concerned individual.  Although we understand that there are other items able to be recycled, our QRP analyzes items on a regular basis for viability on Fort Moore and there are many factors involved in what we can and can't process through the program.  If you have an item you are curious about, please don't hesitate to call and ask us about it.

6.  Why isn’t recycling collected in housing on post?  Recycling containers found in the housing units are left over from a collection agreement between housing and the city of Columbus. Efforts were made by the QRP to salvage the agreement but ultimately the city was unable to continue. We do apologize but housing is not part of the QRP collection area and we do not possess the equipment needed to collect the containers therein.

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