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Recreation Centers & Drop Zone

MWR Fort Moore has three Recreation Centers on the installation including Drop Zone. Located on Main Post, Harmony Church and Sand Hill; the Recreation Centers are free to use for our patrons. Wherever you are, we got you covered! 

Our recreation centers are open 7 days a week (hours of operation vary, please see below) and provide a friendly, safe and attractive facility for relaxation, fun activities, gaming, computer lab’s, recreation, unit functions, meetings, parties, workshops and more!

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Main Post Recreation Center

The Main Post Recreation Center is conveniently located on Sightseeing Road., within walking distance of Airborne School, 75th Ranger Regiment and Task Force 1-28. We offer a computer lab with 20 computers, a movie room, two game rooms, pool tables and a snack bar, now open for lunch! 

We also offer Full Swing Golf! The Full Swing Golf features 2 simulator bays and a variety of virtual games – including target games, Zombie Dodgeball, Hockey Shots, Baseball Pitching Carnival Classic and more – paired with comfortable lounge seating, HDTVs and snack bar service.

Play a classic game on world-famous greens around the world or survive an apocalypse with Zombie Dodgeball. Grab an ice-cold beverage from the Infantry Bar while you play!

$10 per person for ½ hour  |  $35 group rate for one hour

Half Hour $25
1 Hour $45
1 and Half Hours $60
2 Hours $90

Maximum of eight people per Top Golf Simulator.

Gridiron Challenge


Join us for Fort Moore’s 1st GRIDIRON CHALLENGE – hosted by MWR at the Infantry Bar & Main Post Recreation Center!

Football season is the best season of the year!

The NFL kicks off the 2023/24 season on September 7 and everyone is looking forward to it!A very high percentage of the military community are Fans of the NFL; this season the Infantry Bar (IBar) & Main Post Recreation Center make it even more fun by hosting and inviting you to join us to participate in Fort Moore’s first Gridiron Challenge; we promise tons of fun, excitement, and the best part - amazing weekly prizes plus a fantastic grand prize at the end for the Gridiron Challenge winner with the most total points!

The Gridiron Challenge (GC) provides all football fans the opportunity to show their knowledge of the game by picking the weekly game winners. There is no cost to play the Gridiron Challenge!

Stop by the Infantry Bar & Main Post Recreation Center to watch Sunday and Monday NFL Games!

During the time of the Gridiron Challenge, the Main Post Recreation Center extends their hours of Operation and will be open Sundays and Mondays from 12 – 11 p.m.

The regular NFL Football Season runs 18 weeks, starting September 7 until January 13, 2024.

Rules to Participate


Dungeons & Dragons!


Are you an avid Dungeons & Dragons player but missing other players to complete your party? Do you love Dungeons & Dragons but really don’t have the space and availability to host your 9 people party?  We can help!

Join us every 2nd & 4th Friday of each month at the Main Post Recreation Center, 5 - 10 p.m., for a night of Dungeons & Dragons gaming!

At the Main Post Recreation Center, we provide and set up tables for several groups to play; built your party or meet up with new players. And while you enjoy your gaming night, we offer a variety of cold beverages and awesome food – we are famous for our Wings – some even say those are the best on Fort Moore!

The Main Post Rec. Center partners with Jonathan Morgan from the DND Group in Columbus (they call themselves “The Nerds of the Chattahoochee Valley”) to come together and build new relations and friendships; the DND Group will participate each gaming night with at least 3 Dungeon Masters (DM’s) and lead the games.

NEW to the game? Join the fun! What is this game that everyone talks about, Dungeons & Dragons?

In Dungeons & Dragons, the players form an adventuring party who explore fantasy worlds together as they embark on epic quests and level up in experience. The Dungeon Master (also known as the DM) is the game's referee and storyteller. There’s no winning or losing in D&D—at least, not in the conventional way.

Dungeons & Dragons is a game that focuses on storytelling. The dice just help you along. Everything is your decision, from what you look like, to how you act, to what happens next.

The Dungeon Masters of the DND Group offer you a way to complete each story in a different way; the most common completions are: The Dungeon Raid, The Mystery Theater or The Battle Royale!

The collective creativity in your D&D game builds stories that you’ll tell again and again - ranging from the stuff of legends to absurd incidents that’ll make you laugh years later.

Dungeons & Dragons is a fun, team driven game up to 4 hours play time.

Have fun and remember the golden rule—never split the party!

For more information, visit or call the Main Post Rec. Center at +1 (706) 545-8426.

Sand Hill Recreation Center

The Sand Hill Recreation Center has free Wi-Fi and 29 computers in our computer lab. The center has 8 billiard tables,  2 air hockey games, 2 foosball tables, 2 table tennis, and board games. There are eight sound rooms with various acoustical guitars to check out; one sound room  featuring a drum set; and one a key board. Play your favorite XBOX One and Alienware video games in our new gaming pods. Our facility is equipped with up to 36 available stations to play. We have more than 400 movies to watch in our two movie rooms or two large areas for television viewing. Use our large auditorium with A/V capabilities for your family day activities, classes and briefings. SUBWAY is also available in the facility.

Harmony Church Recreation Center

The MWR Harmony Church Recreation Center is your one-stop shop designed to meet all your leisure needs. Our facility is conveniently located on 6986 Old Cusseta Road, Building 4203 – right next to the Dental clinic, and only a few feet from the MWR Whittington High Performance Center (open 24/7).

Check out our Drop Zone – brining you state-of-the-art gaming.

Drop Zone™ is an Xbox One® and Alienware® PC based video game lounge designed to satisfy the most demanding gamer and promote communal play with system link and fiber-based internet connections.

Take advantage of our Computer Lab with over 20 computers, which include CAC reader, scanner, and printer.

Relax and visit our Cinema! Choose a movie from our extensive collection to enjoy in the most comfortable recliner.

Pool tables and TV stations are available for entertainment. And before you are getting “hangry”, visit our Snack Bar for your favorite snacks, candies, and energy drinks.

Don’t sit bored in your room or at home, this is the place to be!

Check out our facility on Flickr.

Need to host a unit functions, workshops or meetings? Trying to host a party with your fellow Soldiers or friends after hours? Make your reservation today, contact us at +1 (706) 626-1265.

Drop Zone Gaming Lounge on Main Post

Drop Zone

Benning Drop Zone.jpg

Drop Zone™ is an Xbox One® and Alienware® PC based video game lounge designed to satisfy the most demanding gamer and promote communal play with system link and fiber-based internet connections. Each station has leather seating, a 32-inch LED HDTV and surround-sound audio dome technology. We also carry boatloads of grub and tons of drinks.