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Fundraising, Solicitation and Non Federal Entities

Non Federal Entities (NFE) that would like to operate on Fort Moore are required to register with the NFE coordinator.  The process may take 45 days and must be completed before an organization is granted authorization to operate on Fort Moore.  

NFEs that are currently registered or would like to be registered on Fort Moore are required to renew their status 2 years from the date of approval of their last request.  This must be completed prior to the expiration of the organization's most recent approval in order to continue uninterrupted operations.

In accordance with AR 210-22, Non Federal Entities on Department of the Army Installations, NFEs seeking permission to operate on Fort Moore must submit the following documentation to the installation commander via DFMWR.

Required Documents

NFE Fundraising Request

Permission to Operate


Audit Form

Financial Statement

Constitution and Bylaws

Criteria Matric for Liability 

Fort Moore Installation License Request

Meeting Minutes

Officers List

Statement of Meeting Minutes Location

Wavier of Liability Insurance


Policies & Procedures

AR 600-29, Fund-Raising Within the Department of the Army (7 June 2010)

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AR 360-1, The Army Public Affairs Program (8 October 2020)

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