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Commander's Cup Sports

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What is the Commander’s Cup Program?

The Commander’s Cup Program is a curriculum of sport events for Soldiers on Fort Moore wanting to participate in recreational activities. The Commander’s Cup Program also promotes unit morale, Esprit de Corps, teamwork, physical fitness and develops leadership and sportsmanship.

Through the program, units earn points towards the overall Commander’s Cup Award. While the top three winners in each event earn the most points — first-place teams earn the maximum of 100 points, for example — all teams receive points simply by taking part. After the end of the fiscal year, the Commander’s Cup Award is presented to the unit with the most accumulated points. In past seasons, this award has typically gone to units that participated in the most events.

The Commander’s Cup is a rotating award retained by the winning unit for a period or no more than a fiscal year and up to 15 days thereafter. The award is presented by the Garrison Commander or command representative to the receiving unit.

Which Sports does the Commander’s Cup Program Offer?

The Fort Moore Commander’s Cup Program consists of the following sports:

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Who Can Participate, Who is Eligible?

Only Active Duty Military Personnel assigned or attached to Fort Moore on official orders are eligible to participate in the Commander’s Cup program.

All units in the Fort Moore military community (brigade, battalion, company, battery, detachment, or activity) are eligible to enter an unlimited number of teams in league/championship play, as long as all members are assigned or attached through official orders.

Unit Level Participation

Each Commander’s Cup sports is played within your unit and is about 6-8 weeks long followed by a single elimination tournament.

  1. Unit level competition will be limited to Regular Tables of Organization and Equipment/Tables of Distribution and Allowances (TOE/TDA) battalions, companies, batteries, troops and/or equivalent sized units.
  2. Participation with one company level team renders the individual ineligible to participate with another company team during the current season.
  3. Participant will be assigned or attached by orders to the unit they represent prior to the start of league play.
  4. If a participant is transferred or reassigned from one major command to another, that participant must declare, via a memorandum signed by their gaining Commander prior to participating in another game, which command they wish to finish that season’s league and championship play with.
  5. If a unit does not have enough Soldiers to form their own unit team for a particular sports season, personnel from that particular unit may still participate in the league by submitting a written request of release from their Commander and a request of acceptance from the gaining command/unit team to the Fort Moore Sports Director. 

My unit wants to participate, how do I sign up, where do we meet?

To participate in each event, a unit’s designated sports representative must register by filing a Letter of Intent – LOI (download LOI and other forms below) with the Sports Branch; LOI can be submitted prior or during the Commander’s Cup Coaches meeting.

Following registration, coaches of each team must attend the Commander’s Cup Coaches meeting and bring AAA-162 (Unit Personnel Accountability Notices); during the coaches meeting, officials from the Sports Branch provide an overview of the specific rules of each contest and answer questions.

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For additional information or any questions, contact the MWR Sports Office:

Willie Spann, or +1 (706) 984-1994.

Lori Smith, or +1 (706) 527-2393.

Important Documents

Exception to Policy for Intramural Sports

Team Roster

Letter of Intent

Waiver of Liability

Field Reservation

Sports Calendar

New calendar coming soon!