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Auto Care, Towing & Car Washes

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Repair or rebuild your own vehicle, or let us do it for you! One of the Army’s largest auto repair centers, with 42 bays, Auto Skills Center employs certified mechanics and training instructors who stand ready to help you repair or customize your car.

Book an appointment today! Call +1 (706) 545-2337 or email us.

We also accept the WEX Fleet Card!

Let Us Do It For You

Let our certified professionals handle your car care!

  • We provide quality, affordable programs and first-class service to all MWR patrons.
  • We have 42 bays for auto repair and do-it-yourself services.
  • Staff members are available to guide you through your self-service project.
  • We do brake inspections and repairs, tire services, air conditioning checks / charges and more.
  • Supplies and parts are sold at the service center.
  • Long-term vehicle storage is available for lengthy auto repairs or rebuilds.
  • We have the Nitrogen Tire Inflation System. Replace the air in all four tires for $30. "Top offs” are free for the life of your tire!

Maintenance & Repair Services Available

  • Alignments
  • Change and flush fluids: Engine oil, differential, power steering, transmission, coolant etc.
  • Multi-point inspections
  • Vehicle maintenance schedule
  • Cooling System: Water pumps, thermostats, hoses & more
  • Steering System: Power steering pumps, tie rods & more
  • Suspension System: Shocks, struts, springs & more
  • Braking System: Brake pads, shoes, hardware & more
  • Driveline: Drive shafts, CV joints, universal joints & more
  • Door Systems: Locks, windows, latches & more
  • Tire Systems: Mount, balance, rotate, repair & more
  • Lighting System (Interior & Exterior): Headlights, bulbs & more
  • Air Conditioning System: Compressors, evaporates, recharge & more
  • Electrical System: Batteries, alternators & more
  • Malfunction Lights: Check engine, tire pressure, ABS & more
  • Maintenance Items: Belts, filters, spark plugs, clutches & more

Our Auto Skills Center is no longer able to accept filters or oil brought from sources outside of our facility to use for an oil change. We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to provide high-quality resources for your vehicle maintenance.

24/7 tow services available through Wimmers Wrecker Services. For tow services, call +1 (706) 682-9960.

Bay Rentals

Bay Rentals are available 7 days a week for only $7 per hour.

Bay Rental customers have onsite access to a variety of tools, vehicle lift and a free computer program that provides easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions on every kind of repair imaginable. It will also tell you what parts you may need to purchase and what you should expect to pay for them. You’ll likely find them in stock at the Auto Skills Center, priced less than you’ll find off post, and tax free! 

Click here to view the Auto Skills Safety Video.

MWR Car Washes, Open 24/7

Our 3 car wash locations (Harmony Church off Jamestown Road, Main Post off Marchant and Mall Car Wash next to the Commissary)  offer drive-through and self-serve bays large enough for a truck or RV and the latest in floor mat cleaning.  We offer cloth and water wash or touch-free water wash. Vacuums have fragrance, spot remover, carpet cleaner, turbo and super modes. Free air and water. The self-serve bays have a popular tire shine option.

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Register your car wash card here.