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Dog Parks and Dog Wash

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Dog Wash

Did your pup have a long day at the park or take a roll in the mud? Now they're ready to be pampered with a refreshing bath! Take them to the easily accessible MWR Dog Wash! Attached to the Main Post Car Wash is our do-it-yourself, climate controlled dog wash in a spacious, enclosed room.  You may use your credit card or the reloadable MWR Car Wash Card for washing, drying, and flea and tick bathing options. The spacious dog wash can fit multiple small dogs at once or even your fully-grown Great Dane!  Open 24/7, choose the MWR Dog Wash for all your pet grooming needs.

Dog Parks

MWR has two dog parks on Main Post, one on the corner of Edwards and Carpenter streets and another at the Youth Sports Complex on 1st Division Road. MWR parks are managed by Outdoor Recreation and include agility playground equipment. Spaces are divided into two areas, one for dogs up to 25 pounds and one for larger dogs. Guests are legally responsible for their dog's behavior. We comply with Army regulations about breed restrictions on post, so we cannot permit Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Chows, Presa Canarios, or mixes of these breeds. Just as all dogs on post must be registered with the Fort Moore Veterinary Clinic, so too must all dogs that visit our parks. We host a number of events each year at the dog park on 1st Division Road, and Fort Moore families who live off post are invited to attend; however, their dogs must also be registered at the Vet Clinic and have shot records on file there. The process is simple. Call +1 (706) 545-4444 to schedule an appointment.

Park Rules

All dogs must be:

  • registered at Fort Moore Vet Services, and have shot records on file there
  • wear collar with current rabies tag
  • be off-leash only in the park and leashed upon exiting
  • be under voice control of owner at all times
  • be accompanied by an adult, 18 or older

Owners must:

  • wear shoes
  • have no more than two dogs per adult
  • prevent digging and mounting
  • stay with dogs at all times
  • keep gates closed
  • monitor behavior, remove dogs at the first sign of a problem

We do not permit:

  • puppies younger than four months
  • sick dogs or dogs with parasites
  • aggressive dogs
  • dogs in heat
  • food, alcohol, glass containers, tobacco
  • animals other than dogs
  • children's toys